How AI-Ready Is Your Organization?

The potential business value that AI can deliver is both far-reaching and daunting. Modus’ AI Maturity Model is a free tool to rapidly understand your current capacity to apply AI across your organization. Our assessment uses a proven framework based on five essential pillars to guide your AI journey. In addition to your score, you’ll get a strategic report to help advance your AI roadmap.

How it works

Answer 15 questions from our expert team about your organization’s capacity across five key areas — strategy, data, technology, people, and governance — to gain a holistic view of how prepared your organization is to explore, implement, and scale AI innovation. We’ll follow up with personalized analysis and next steps for your roadmap.
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Look before you leap into AI 

Did you know that 45% of executive leaders are piloting generative AI, while another 10% already have the technology in use? 

Wherever your organization falls on the AI maturity curve, Modus’ Applied AI solutions can help you put emerging technology to work. Our AI researchers, technologists, designers, strategists, and marketers help leading businesses stay ready for what’s now and what’s next.